My View From The Hilltop – Meagan Farraher

By Meagan Farraher, Athletic Trainer

Meagan Farraher

Whether it’s a wave from the security guard upon arrival, an “enjoy your day” from Dean and Frank in the dining hall when I pick up my lunch, or a thank you card for helping someone’s child get back to doing what they love after surgery, therapy, or even a battle with cancer—all these things and so much more make working at Worcester Academy so rewarding. 

“What exactly do you do?” That is a question that myself, along with most every certified athletic trainer has been asked for decades. We are so much more than someone standing on the sidelines. We are the stand-by first responders of potential catastrophic sports injuries—the person who rehabilitates an athlete after an injury or even surgery.  We are an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on for countless reasons. Athletic trainers have many roles and here at WA these roles and responsibilities are acknowledged, listened to, and respected. I have been in this field for almost 20 years and working with a team of energetic, caring, and hardworking people is everything

Another thing that I will add to my “View from the Hilltop,” is that WA’s athletes strive for excellence on and off the field. Some of our most decorated athletes are also engineers, singers, actors, or dancers. WA nurtures the student as a whole, allows and encourages growth in many different aspects of life, challenges students (and staff) to think outside the box, speak your voice while listening to other perspectives. What I have seen through my eyes is magnified through the lenses of my oldest son’s vision to one day be a Hilltopper. He says his favorite thing about WA is the caring people, and I agree. 

It never feels like work, when you feel at HOME. 

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