My View From The Hilltop – Nancy Osborn

By Nancy Osborn, Director of Parent Relations

Nancy Osborn

When we talk about the Worcester Academy community, we are talking about everyone—students, parents, employees, and alumni. My view from the Hilltop spans 22 years—as an employee, a parent, a dorm parent, and an advisor—and I can attest to the fact that “community” is in our bones. It is the foundation we stand on as we learn and grow as an institution and as individuals.

I love that everyone here acknowledges each other, if only with a nod of their head or the smile in their eyes. It’s like we all have a secret handshake—socially distanced, of course! From our faculty and staff, to our campus safety team, our maintenance and cleaning teams, and our food service team, we all know we can count on each other. It’s what makes this place truly remarkable.

Our commitment to the success of the students and each other shines through each and every day. We know we belong to something bigger than ourselves and we know what we need to do to make sure others feel the same way. Parent partnership plays a key role in the WA experience, and we are grateful for the trust and support parents offer up so generously. Our parent volunteers are always at the ready to reach out to offer their support and encouragement to this community. Nothing gives me greater pride than to witness the enthusiasm and passion our parents bring to this campus and to each other. Positive connections between our parents, teachers, coaches, and staff have never been more important in supporting students—both academically and emotionally—and from where I stand, we have never been stronger. The past year has been filled with difficult decisions that often have competing priorities and our community has not lost sight of the reasons we love this place. That in itself is a testament to the strength and beauty of WA.

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