My View From The Hilltop – Meghan Bennett

By Meghan Bennett, Director of Enrollment Management

Meghan Bennett

The admission staff has spent the past month reading hundreds of completed applications from students who are looking at Worcester Academy as an option for the next step in their education. On March 10, we will send out our admission decisions and begin the process of welcoming new students and families to the WA community. It is both an exciting and bittersweet time of the year; we always have far more applicants than spots available, and each student has their own unique story that has led them to look at our school.

The diversity of applicants to WA reflects the diversity of the actual community. There are students who excel academically and there are students for whom academics do not always come easily, but whose teachers commend them for their unwavering work ethic and dedication. There are students who are passionate about the arts, athletics, robotics, student leadership opportunities, diversity and inclusion initiatives…and the list goes on. Most often, students are engaged in a variety of these activities as they seek opportunities to cultivate their talents and unlock their potential.

In our applicant pool, there are families who have many resources, and there are families who do not. At the surface, they are connected by the common goal of accessing the best education for their child at a school that will challenge and support their academic and extracurricular growth. However, I believe that the connection is deeper than that as all of these families have chosen to pursue a school option that is proudly urban, and that will immerse their child in a community of different races, cultures, beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds, and lived experiences.

Each year when I read the parent statements and student essays from our applicant pool, I am heartened by the fact that so many of our prospective families see Worcester Academy as an educational oasis for students looking for something different. It is a diverse community of people who are passionate, down to earth, engaged, welcoming, and authentic—a community that my admission colleagues and I are proud to represent each day. 

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