My View From The Hilltop – Thomas Mullane

By Thomas Mullane, ’21

Thomas Mullane

Over the summer, I got the chance to live my dream—working for a professional baseball team‚ the Worcester Red Sox! And, what made it even more special, this particular team used to play in my home state of Rhode Island and is the AAA affiliate for my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox. If that weren’t enough, I also got the chance to be a batboy for two games at Polar Park, which was one of the most special moments of my life. None of this would have been possible without the opportunity Worcester Academy gave me. 

I was a postgraduate student at WA this past year, and my goal was to take advantage of every opportunity presented to me—for most of the year, I did just that. I was swimming with Ms. Gould every week, doing rehab for an ACL injury I had recently sustained. I was investing myself in my classes more than I ever had before. Outside of the classroom, I was participating in every single weekend activity, even though sometimes I was the only one who showed up. If the year had ended there, one could say that it was very productive. However, it didn’t. I closely followed the relationship forming between my school and the Worcester Red Sox, eager to jump at the first chance offered to work for the team. After a few emails with Mr. Moore (WA’s Director of Marketing), he told me my wishes could be a reality. I was thrilled! I quickly submitted an application for an internship. Mr. Moore worked to solidify the intern position for me, and I needed to do my very best to represent him and my school.

Starting with the team right after my graduation, I made sure to (again) take advantage of every opportunity provided to me. I gave tours, caught first pitches, packed buses, sold raffle tickets, helped out at games, and everything in between. When my boss, Alex Richardson, asked me to take over as batboy for a few games, I said yes before he even finished his sentence. The work I did with the WooSox was some of the most memorable and meaningful work I’ve ever done and will be something I never forget. Without Worcester Academy and Mr. Moore, I would not have been able to have the amazing experiences provided to me this summer, and for that, I am forever grateful.  

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